Experience the Day Pass

A whole day in the Jungle!

Want to have fun? We are having fun! Where are we having fun? In Amazonia! OKAAYYY!!!


Welcome to Amazonia: The Jungle Experience!!! Are you having a hot day? Of course, cause it is always hot on Curacao!! That means it is party time at Amazonia’s Jungle Pool! Come and take a dip in our jungle pool, where you get to enjoy the most delicious Cocktails on Curacao, if we do say so ourselves! We also have a Snack Bar where you can get different hot items like hot dogs, hamburgers, chicken wings and much more! Now all you need is your phone, chill pool side and become the hottest instagram model on Curacao!

Want to party? Amazonia got you!! Choose your option out of our list of Amazonia Pool Party Packages for birthdays, parties and special events. For more information, contact us… right now… I mean it! Right now, at Amazonia Curacao!!


*Local rates available!

Prices:Kids (2-11)Adults (12+)
Pool Only



Pool + Tour



Pool + Tour + Rodizio

$30 (below 6)

$45 (6-11)