Experience our “All You Can Eat”: Rodizio

Open: Tuesday-Sunday From: 17:00 - 23:00 (MONDAY CLOSED)

Want to eat? We are eating! Where are we eating? In Amazonia! OKAAYYY!!!

Welcome to our Jungle Restaurant!! The Best Meat on Curacao… at least that is what we say! Don’t believe it? Just come and Experience it for yourself!!

Here at our Brazilian Rodizio Steakhouse we have it all! For the normal meat lovers, come and try our “All You Can Eat: Mini Rodizio”. Here you can get 2 cuts of meat, together with delicious grilled chicken and juicy BBQ ribs. For the more adventurous meat lovers, experience our “All You Can Eat: Big Rodizio”, which consists out of 10+ cuts of meat, like Picanha, Tenderloin, Spicy Lomito and much more! Both of these Rodizio options include our Salad Bar, where you can get 25+ dishes, consisting of salads, vegetables, and hot items.

Our Jungle Restaurant also offers Jungle Cocktails, delicious drinks & fancy wine. Our Jungle Restaurant got you! Whether you’re on a luxury date with your loved one or need a restaurant for your business trip which decides the outcome of the rest of your life, Amazonia’s Jungle Restaurant is the place to be! Bring a big appetite and let us do the rest. Oh… and don’t forget your wallet!


Kids (Below 12)

Adults (12+)

Mini Rodizio

Fl.27,50 / $15

Fl.60,- / $35

Big Rodizio

Fl.42,50 / $25

Fl.85,- / $50

Salad Bar Only

Fl.20,- / $11,50

Fl.55,- / $30

*For vegan / vegetarian options also available
*Restaurant hours: 5PM – 11PM (kitchen closes at 10PM)

*Rodizio Rules:
Can’t combine Mini & Big Rodizio, the whole table will have to choose the same option. Go Team!!
Rodizio has a run time of 2 hours, I mean, you can’t still be hungry after 2 hours… can you??
Cannot share the Rodizio, this is your experience, don’t let others in on the fun! They gotta pay for themselves, you work hard for your money!!
Not allowed to take leftovers home, the party is in the jungle, you can’t take it home, unless we are invited to the party of course!