Experience our Jungle Hotel

A night in the Jungle!

Want to sleep? We are sleeping! Where are we sleeping? In Amazonia! OKAAYYY!!!

Welcome to Amazonia: The Jungle Experience!! Are you ready for a night in the Jungle?!? Come on over and experience a one of a kind night in our beautiful and exotic Jungle Hotel! Here you get to enjoy all of the modern hotel amenities, while still feeling like you’re sleeping in a man made Jungle, as you are surrounded by the Jungle night life! A unique and adventurous hotel experience, with a jungle twist.

There are different room sizes depending on your preference, as Amazonia: The Jungle Experience offers your standard room with a king size bed, a Deluxe room with room for a single bed and a Superior room which has a King and Queen size bed! Amazonia has it all, but are you brave and adventurous enough to spend a whole night in our Jungle Hotel???