Experience the Night!

Cocktails and Shots, we got it all!

Want to drink? We are drinking! Where are we drinking? In Amazonia! OKAAYYY!!!

Welcome to Amazonia: The Jungle Experience!! It’s Night time in the Jungle and that means music, sexy fun and lots of shots!! Invite your friends and enjoy our colorful jungle cocktails and delicious Amazonian shots in our Jungle Shot Bar! Getting a little hungry? We got our Shot Bar menu, from which you get to order hot snacks for you and your group! Play drinking games with your friends, kiss in the hot & steamy jungle and shot the shots in one shot shottie… Go wild! Who knows, maybe we will even have to give you the prices for our Jungle Hotel so you can spend the night. One thing leads to another, Jungle Bar, Jungle shots, Jungle Lovin’, Jungle Babies, Jungle diapers… you know what.. on second thought.. drink responsibly! All this and much more at Amazonia’s Jungle Shot Bar.