Experience The Lost Journey

Open: Tuesday - Sunday From: 9:00 - 16:00 (MONDAY CLOSED)

Want to tour? We are touring! Where are we touring? At Amazonia! OKAAYYY!!!

Welcome to Amazonia: The Jungle Experience!!! It’s Jungle Time!!! Join us on Amazonia’s “The Lost Journey Tour”, a 45 to 60-minute guided tour that takes you on a fun and mysterious adventure through the Jungle of Amazonia.


Discover Amazonia’s Jungle and Secrets!! Along your journey you enter an ancient temple filled with snakes, spiders and other reptiles, a city area with all kinds of different birds, including Luna, our dancing cockatoo and a jungle ruled by little monkeys!! Along the way you get to interact with some of the animals, as you learn about them and feed them. Meeting all kinds of different exotic animals will be a nice and adventurous addition to your instagram and facebook feed, as you show the world your brave and adventurous side! This Amazonia tour is not for the faint hearted… are you brave enough?


Kids (4-11)

Adults (12+)

The Lost Journey



*These prices are non-refundable. The Lost Journey Tour is a guided tour of 45-60 minutes. The tour hours are:

Tour hours:
9AM – 10 AM
10AM – 11AM
11AM – 12PM

(No Tour at 12PM)

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